4 Reasons You Should Think About Moving in 2020

Wondering why you should consider moving in 2020? You’ve probably heard the phrase, “bigger is always better.” There’s a reason why this philosophy has stuck around for decades. People often associate bigger homes with bigger salaries, luxurious cars, and a stylish wardrobe. But more often than not, more square footage can lead to more problems. There are multiple reasons why considering downsizing to a smaller home may be a good move. In this post we’re going to discuss the reasons why you should put your large house on the market for something more cozy.  

Why should I consider moving?


Finance Considerations


Finances are probably one of the more common reasons to downsize your home. A lower mortgage rate will enable you to put more money towards other bills and financial goals that you might have. Another benefit of moving into a smaller home is that it will likely reduce your property taxes also. Be sure to check the communities, roads, and schools, to get more information on property taxes.


Smaller homes also mean lower maintenance costs. A smaller yard means there will be less grass and shrubbery to maintain. Usually, all your utility bills like electric, gas, and water will also shrink. It’s important that you are aware of any possible Homeowner’s Associations before purchasing a home. HOA fees can add unexpected expenses to your annual budget.  


Less Room for Clutter and Junk


When you move into a smaller home, you aren’t just downsizing your square footage. You are also downsizing the amount of items inside your home. If you have unused clothes, books, or furniture, downsizing your home is a great way to get rid of those unnecessary items. You should also consider donating these items to family members or to local thrift stores to help other people in need. 


If you’re an impulsive shopper this is a good practice to follow. It’s hard to go on a shopping spree if you don’t have any room for clothing or collectables. Just because you are saving more on your mortgage doesn’t mean that you should plan weekly shopping trips. You can use the money saved each month from your mortgage to travel and go on vacations. It’s good to have the opportunity to travel as people begin to value experiences over physical items and purchases. 


Optimize Your Space for You


The thought of having extra space might sound tempting. You could create an in-home office space and even add two extra guest rooms for when family visits during the holidays. But it’s more important to think about what will you use those spaces for the rest of the year.


Downsizing to a smaller home will force you to get creative with the space you have. It will be easier to plan for extra guests rather than deal with empty spaces throughout most of the calendar year. Take advantage of “dead” spaces like stairwells, utility closets, and other unused areas to store items like winter clothing, extra bedding, or cleaning supplies. 


You can also take advantage of wall-mounted desks, under-bed storage, and even Murphy beds to transform guest rooms into an office depending on who is visiting. 


Less Stress


Downsizing your home could also lead to less stress. You’ll have fewer bills, less square footage to clean and maintain, and your electric bill will shrink. Because there is less home to clean, you’ll have more free time to spend with family members while expanding your hobbies.  When moving, make sure to hire a reliable moving company that has the expertise it takes to move your items. When you do, you can finally sit back and relax knowing your items are being moved and are in good hands.


If you have a large family, a smaller home can force you to have more interactions and spend quality time with other family members. This could be a good… or bad thing! It’s a great option for families with lots of siblings looking for an opportunity to bond. 


There is also less room to clean. It can take hours, even days, to properly clean a larger home. Downsizing to a smaller home will allow you to save time and sanity by having less rooms to clean and sanitize. If you live in a smaller home, chances are that you live in a more tight-knit and closer community. This will give you an opportunity to get to know your neighbors more. More picnics and cookouts will lead to a better relationship with the family next door. happier environment will lead to a happier homeowner.


Finding Help with Moving Professionals


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